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WSI Voice Marketer powered by ifbyphone

Turn your phone into a Conversion Tool for your business – by using trackable phone numbers.  Tracking capability can be applied to any phone number – independent of your service provider, and when combined with analytics, your phone can help you manage your total business marketing efforts – both Online and Offline.

WSI Voice Marketer offers a variety of applications that makes your phone work for your business like never before!

Hosted IVR  

Automatically qualify leads, process orders, offload call centers and more using interactive voice response technology Our IVR service provides an advanced, yet easy, solution at an affordable price.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting enables your company to automatically deliver interactive phone calls to prospects, customers and vendors.  Leverage Voice Broadcasting to generate leads, confirm appointments, promote events and relay vital information over the phone using outbound IVR functionality.

Toll-Free & Local Phone Numbers

Toll-Free numbers project a national image, just as Local Phone Numbers project the local image,  for your business and encourage prospects to call you. Route callers any way you'd like, and use multiple numbers to track the success of marketing campaigns.

Call Routing

Call Routing offers your company the flexibility to direct incoming phone calls according to your business needs and office schedule.  Update routing based on your office hours, set up a virtual call center to distribute leads to remote agents, direct toll-free callers to the nearest store, or prequalify leads before routing the call to your sales team.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist gives your company a professional image, saves you time and money, and improves your customer experience by making sure all calls and properly answered and routed.

Store Locator

Store Locator makes it easy to automatically route incoming customer phone calls by area code or zip code to your nearest retail location.

Google Analytics Integration

We offer a unique service enabling you to track the number of incoming phone calls directly in Google Analytics® alongside your website data.

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion service enables your company to display unique phone numbers on your website based on the traffic referral source.  Track online marketing ROI by displaying a unique phone number for each keyword, referring domain, or ad campaign on your website. Then, view our call tracking reports to determine which ads generate the most phone calls.

Find Me

Find Me forwards phone calls in sequence or simultaneously between your office, cell and home phone or remote sales based on your office schedule / business needs.

Call Distributor

Call Distributor establishes a virtual call center for your business.  It is a perfect business solution for distributing calls to any phone in any location, in a flexible and cost-effective manner.  Plus, you only pay for minutes and don’t need to purchase any hardware or software.


Click-to-Call makes it easy for website visitors to call you, by connecting your company’s website to your customers’ phones.  When a customer enters their phone number into your Click-to-Call, both your phone and your customer's phone will ring and you'll be on the phone together.

Contact your eBiz WSI Solutions Marketing Consultant to learn more about how WSI Voice Marketer Applications can help your business meet your objectives.

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