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WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn

Watch Live Web Stats

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn allows you to watch your web site visitor activity in real time. See visitors arriving at your site and move from page to page. See how they found your site, what keywords they used and where they are in the world. WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn will display GEO-IP against each visitor, including country, city, region and organization name. You can see if the visitor has been to your site before and if they are a prospect.




Engage Your Visitors

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn enables you to proactively engage your visitors by sending them popup friendly 'invite' messages. Visitors can click the message to start a live chat session. You can send custom messages that are unique to each visitor. WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn can also automatically send dynamic invite messages to visitors when specific conditions are met (for example, visitor arrives from a certain city or via a certain PPC campaign, or used specific keywords).



Live Chat

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn enables you to add live chat to your web site. Visitors can click a link to start chatting to operators within your organization as they browse your site. The chat client works in all browsers and does not require any plug-ins.

Chat Features:

  • Multiple operators.

  • Department specific chat.

  • Transfer chats between operators.

  • Operator to operator chat.

  • Operator to operator training mode.

  • Integrated spell check.

  • Visitor and operator 'typing' status.

  • Canned responses.

  • Push pages to visitor.

  • Custom background, logo and chat images.

  • Visitors can request emailed transcript.

  • Automatic 'leave a message' form.

  • Multi-language chat window.

  • Live chat translation.

  • Fast, flicker free, firewall friendly, AJAX based.

  • Secure live chat.

  • Co-browse.

  • Pre & Post chat surveys.

  • Send files to visitors whilst chatting (PDFs, etc)

  • Full text search and reporting on chat transcripts.

  • Operator performance reporting.


Live Chat Translation

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn can translate chat text in real time. The visitor and operator can chat in their own language, with the WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn Server performing the live translation in the middle. Live translation enables you to widen your available market.




Monitor PPC Campaigns

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn enables you to track visitors based on the PPC (pay-per-click) campaign that they used to find your site. You can create real-time 'Alerts' for each PPC campaign and you can view historical analysis reports.




Monitor Prospects

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn can watch for visitors that view certain key pages on your site and spend x minutes viewing. This can be over multiple visits. WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn can then flag these visitors as 'prospects' and alert you in real time. WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn can send custom invite messages to prospects. You can also run reports showing the number of prospects per PPC campaign, referrer and keyword.




Detect & Deter Click Fraud

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn enables you to detect click fraud as it happens. You can send visitors who you suspect of click fraud a warning message. WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn can also automatically detect click fraud and send warning messages to the visitor.




Analyze Your Web Traffic

WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn also provides historical web analytic reporting with over 70 traffic analysis reports. Both Windows based and Web based report viewers are included. WSI Live Chat Powered by WhosOn can also automatically send daily, weekly and monthly traffic analysis reports direct to your inbox in PDF or HTML format.



What is WSI Live Operator?


Developed to compliment our WSI Live Chat solution, this managed service provides operators to man your live chat! Trained on your products and services, our operators will greet and chat with your site visitors, target conversations in an attempt to cross sell your products/services and increase sales, help visitors complete their online experience, and provide the opportunity to generate Qualified leads for your sales organization to follow up on, and more! You don’t have to worry about finding in-house talent to support your WSI Live Chat solution anymore… let us do it for you! Services are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

WSI Live Operator provides you the following Benefits:

  • Focused Chat Operators

    - Our operators are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to your site visitors. It is their primary job responsibility to monitor your site and greet each visitor in real-time. You won’t have to worry about deterring your other employees from their traditional workload to monitor the Live Chat solution.

  • Quality Control

    - The WSI Live Chat solution has several quality control features that will ensure your outsourced site operators are doing a satisfactory job. All chat transcripts will be emailed to a designated address upon completion and the advanced reporting system will allow you to pull detailed reports on all chat activity. In addition, there is a comprehensive set up process that will ensure our operators are managing your site to your satisfaction from day one.

  • No Hassles

    - This service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of WSI Live Chat without any administrative hassles of managing it. We take care of everything for you – you can’t beat that!

Contact your eBiz WSI Consultant today, to learn more about WSI Live Chat, and how it can help you meet your business objectives!

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