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Paid Search Marketing

"Reach targeted leads that will be funneled to your website instead of your competitor’s."

PPC Campaigns and Advertisers

Wouldn’t it be nice if your site appeared when someone searched for your product/service online? Wouldn’t you like to lower the cost of getting new customers? The best way to find new customers is to make sure they can find you when they are ready to purchase your product or service.

PPC can get you more leads - if done right

Paid Search Marketing helps you reach targeted leads that will be funneled to your website instead of your competitor’s. How does it work? When someone searches for keywords specific to your business, your site will appear high up in the paid sponsors’ section of the search engine. This means that visitors searching for your products or service can easily find your business, resulting in an increase in targeted traffic to your site – people who are interested in purchasing your offering – immediately.

PPC is so cost effective, everyone can do it...but not many do it right!

In fact, people could be searching for what you offer right now! The key is to know exactly what keywords they are using to search. WSI’s Internet Marketing Consultants can develop a professional Keyword Analysis Report that can be used to create a targeted Paid Search Marketing campaign for your business. This involves setting up, managing and monitoring the results of a Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign.

Think of it like a food court in a shopping mall. Shoppers walking around the food stalls are obviously looking to whet their appetites. Every food chain present there can potentially satisfy them. But a person looking for Sushi will head to the Oriental place rather than the one selling burgers. And if he gets a nice combo deal, he may end up with some Tempura and Green Tea alongside the Sushi. Food for thought...what is the point we are trying to make here?

A Web user is even more complex than the offline mall shopper. She does not go online and search for “city + restaurant” anymore. Instead she would search “suburb / area code + Sushi”, if that’s what she is looking for. It would take work and sustained effort for a Sushi restaurant to come up high in the natural or organic search listings. However, there is some prime real estate online, on top of the organic listings and to the right of the browser screen under ‘Sponsored Links’. That’s where an attention-grabbing Pay-per-Click ad like, “Best Sushi in Downtown Toronto! So she can see you have great taste!” can drive targeted traffic to your restaurant site. 

Latest PPC Strategies based on Industry Studies ensures your success

WSI's Consultants utilize the latest PPC Strategies - particularly leveraging Targeted Landing Pages in conjunction with PPC Campaigns to focus your message and develop strong, clear calls to action, that ensures maximum effectiveness for your PPC Campaign.  Contact us to learn more about how WSI can ensure your PPC Campaign is a success for your business!

4 Reasons to Consider ReMarketing

ReMarketing is a cost effective means of getting your message in front of potential customers at the right time in the buying process.

Don’t pay if they don’t click

What happens if the prospect doesn’t click on your ad? Well, you don’t pay for your ad to simply show up in the right place. You only pay a few cents if someone actually does click and go to your site or landing page. So you don’t have to worry that your ad will show up and get wasted clicks from someone searching for “bookstore in Downtown Toronto”, for example.

A WSI Consultant can help you with Paid Search Marketing and offer value added tracking tools to make sure you know where every penny is spent and what it brings back to your business. PPC campaigns can be set up to direct traffic to a specific landing page or to calls to a single phone number (preferably toll free). That way, you can track the results of your campaign and enhance it periodically to get the best results. Call now for your PPC roll out!         


Paid Search Advertising Facts
Globally, Mobile Ad Spend jumped by 105% in 2013 and is predicted to climb another 75% this year for a total of $31.5 billion.
2014 - CMO Council
Marketers are expected to spend 540 billion dollars globally on advertising this year.
March 2015 - Adage
Mobile Search Ads will be $12.85 billion in 2015, over 50% of the search market.
March 2015 - Heidi Cohen
Spending on paid media in the US totaled $179.80 billion in 2014. Digital accounted for 28.2% of tatal ad investments, with 10.6% going toward mobile.
January 2015 - eMarketer
Digital Ad Spending rose 17.7% in 2014 and will rise another 15.5% in 2015 fueled by mobile.
January 2015 - eMarketer
Digital Ads will lead the way for global media growth in the next four years, accounting for 33% of total advertising revenue, nearly catching TV in the process. TV advertising will generate $173.7 billion worldwide in 2014 and grow to $214.7 billion in 2018. During the same period, Internet Advertising will grow from $133 billion to $194.5 billion.
December 2014 - Digital Strategy Consulting

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