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Display Advertising

"An effective strategy that  keeps your brand and or message – in front of the targeted audience - leading to increased traffic and conversions."

Display Advertising - effective way to build your brand

Display Advertising is a great tool to get your message across in a cost effective manner.  the most effective online campaigns today, generally include combining a number of online tactics - Display Advertising should be one of these tactics.  Below are 5 ways to ensure that you get the most out of Display Advertising:

1) Target your audience - you can target by geography, demographics, behaviors, or site specific messaging.  These methods of targeting allow you to focus your message to the intended audience - and improving your chance of converting those that visit your site as a result.

2) Design of the Creative - be bold, creative, interesting - a good banner or display ad should include your brand, your message and a clear and compelling call to action (why they should click through to your site).

3) Incorporate Re-Marketing - not sure what Re-Marketing is? It's simply re-targeting your ad to consumers that have visited your site, but didn't act (complete the call to action).  You can incorporate Re-Marketing to build top of mind awareness and encourage consumers to visit your site again - particularly when they are ready to act.

4) Hone your landing page design - we talk about Design for Conversion - this is critical - you don't want distractions - you want the landing page to funnel them into the desired action - make it clear and compelling in regards to what you want them to do.

5) Measure and monitor - know your cost of acquisition - track where they go, what they do, and when they complete the desired task (Call to Action).  Doing this on an ongoing basis allows you to improve your marketing efforts over time and optimize your marketing spend accordingly.

Display Advertising - an effective means of building your brand

As your online marketing efforts expand be sure to incorporate Display Advertising. Call your WSI Consultant today to find out how your message can be in front of a targeted audience that generates more leads for your business.


Display Advertising Facts
Spending on paid media in the US totaled $179.80 billion in 2014. Digital accounted for 28.2% of tatal ad investments, with 10.6% going toward mobile.
January 2015 - eMarketer
Digital Ad Spending rose 17.7% in 2014 and will rise another 15.5% in 2015 fueled by mobile.
January 2015 - eMarketer
Digital Ads will lead the way for global media growth in the next four years, accounting for 33% of total advertising revenue, nearly catching TV in the process. TV advertising will generate $173.7 billion worldwide in 2014 and grow to $214.7 billion in 2018. During the same period, Internet Advertising will grow from $133 billion to $194.5 billion.
December 2014 - Digital Strategy Consulting
By 2013, lead management campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.
Gartner Research

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